Stress management counseling is the behavioral modification of a person’s thought processes to address the stressors in his/her life. A common denominator in the management of stress is the need to understand one’s self and others so that they can adapt and deal with changes. 

It does not matter what the problem is, as long as the client is willing to learn how to deal with it and be his/her best. Stress is a natural and almost everyday occurrence in life and as long as the body is well nourished, the mind can be calm and focused. When a person has under stressful situations, he/she may become depressed, have an immune system that is compromised and/or suffer from chronic diseases.

Guided Imagery:

  • During stress management counseling and psychotherapy dubai, the therapist will teach clients to use various types of guided imagery. Guided imagery is an auditory and visual tool that helps people cope and deal with stress. 
  • This technique is based on the belief that by looking at images, feelings, and listening to music, people can better control their emotions. The images and sounds create a relaxing and soothing environment and allow the client to overcome stress by controlling their bodies, emotions, and thinking patterns.


  • During stress management counseling, the therapist may also teach clients to use hypnosis. Hypnosis is a trance-like state where the conscious mind is given instructions by an experienced therapist on ways to cope or manage stress. 
  • The subconscious mind is often ignored by most people, but in this state, specific suggestions may be made to help clients deal with the emotional issues or physical symptoms that they are experiencing. While in this state, the client can use relaxation techniques such as breathing techniques and progressive muscle relaxation to calm themselves.


A good stress management counseling program should include methods for reducing chronic tension headaches as a means of dealing with the source of their occurrence. There are many potential sources of stress in a typical person’s life and identifying the source of stress in your life can go a long way toward helping you cope with it. The goal of a good program is to teach you how to cope with stress, rather than teaching you to avoid it only through avoidance too.

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