Interior Design Rules To Know About

Interior Design Rules To Know About

There are many rules to remember if you own an interior design consultancy in Dubai. If you are unsure about which ones to follow, read the sections below. The rules include: proportion, scale, contrasts in form, and tying all the elements together. These are just a few basics you’ll need to be aware of. But you can also learn to apply some of them on your own. Hopefully, you’ll be able to implement these principles when decorating your home.

Principles of proportion

The principle of proportion is one of the fundamentals of interior design and refers to the overall size and scale of objects in a room. It promotes a sense of unity in a room by comparing the size of one object to its own. It can also refer to the ratio between the height and width of two objects, such as a large breakfront and two medium-sized chairs. Objects that are too large or too small can overwhelm smaller objects.

Principles of scale

One of the most basic principles of interior design is scale. Scale is the relation of objects to one another about their relative sizes. A good way to apply scale in interior design is to place items in proportion to each other and the space around them. Principles of scale can enhance the harmony and beauty of your interior space.

Contrasts in form

Use contrast to draw attention and add depth to your room. It creates distinct factors that call your eye’s attention and cause you to analyze your surroundings. Contrast is a principle that applies across the arts and design worlds. To achieve the desired effect, the opposing elements must be placed closely together, and they should compete in a way that enhances and complements one another.

Tie each element of the design together

An area rug is a great way to tie colors together and highlight the texture of floors. A room can look cohesive with area rugs under beds, dining tables, and in front of couches and coffee tables. Area rugs also work well as runners from one room to another. They help anchor the room’s design and provide a grounding element to enhance other pieces.

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